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FREQuently Asked Questions

How much will this cost me? 

For a property with a $100,000 market value and a taxable value of $50,000, homeowners should expect a $10 increase per year from the current tax rate. 


How did you evaluate the cost? 

0.2 x 50 = $10  OR (0.2 mills is really .0002 x 50,000 = $10)

How long is it after the High School bond is paid off?

- High School will be paid off in 9 years. 

- The new bond with be 21 years after the high school is paid off. 


Why can't we build a larger school with bigger with more classrooms?

- State of Michigan has a space requirement that is based on 5-year enrollment projections for Constantine. 

- Employ a 3rd party to determine Constantine's 5-year enrollment projections. 

- Based on the 5-year enrollment projection we are only allowed to build so big. 

- Example if our projected number is 85 students we can only build a building that would fit 100. 


Is the Middle School not ADA compliant?  

- We are ADA accessible. Renovations to the middle school include the installation of air-conditioning and upgraded STEM spaces. 

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